KCDCC Committee on disAbilities

This is a reminder that the next meeting of the KCDCC Committee on disAbilities will be Monday, January 4th at 7:00PM, at the Couth Buzzard Bookstore, 8310 Greenwood Ave North. If you can help the venue by buying yourself a snack or drink, please do so, and if you are unable to do so please come anyway.

We will be having a very special speaker: Susan Harrell, expert on marriage and disAbility benefits will be speaking about marriage equality and the disAbled. In this case, marriage equality does not refer to LGBTQ rights issues, but rather to the fact that getting married, if you are disAbled, can be impossible because of the loss of benefits that may ensue. Therefore, most disAbled people are unable to marry their partners. This is a newly examined issue that not a lot of people know about—we will be filming the event and putting it on You-tube for continuing discussion afterwards. We really hope people can come and show their support for this issue.

See you all on January 4th!

Happy Holidays,

ginamarie emanuel
co-Chair, KCDCC Committee on disAbilities