Job Opportunity: 46th District Political Profile Project Coordinator


(A Project of the Raymond T. Cole Committee)

The goal of the Political Profile project is to identify, research, compile, and describe key elements and demographic data within the 46th District that affect our political activities and to explain how they operate within the District.

The Project will focus on the collection of data defining the role of citizens of the 46th Legislative District in setting public policy. This work will necessarily include examination of elective offices and their incumbents, as well as official commissions, committees or departments implementing their policies; semiofficial organizations directly focusing on public policies (such as the PTSAs and Community Councils). It will also identify other organizations focusing on public policies that are active in the District.

The half-time Project Director will work with a Project Advisor to:

  • Finalize the scope of work, timeline and sequencing of Project components
  • Select strategies and techniques for each phase of the Project
  • Divide the work load into discreet units, each focusing on a specific aspect of the study
  • Recruit and train volunteers
  • Oversee the Project to completion
  • Report periodically to Cole Committee on the current status of the project, and
  • Complete the final Project report

The following features are to be included in the work plan and the final report of the Project

  • Using the Project results to advance the goals of the 46th District
  • Developing strategies for affecting public policy decisions
  • Identifying future leaders in the public sector and nonofficial community organizations
  • Identifying “opinion leaders”
  • Improving successes in elections; training members for Party and election work
  • Strengthening the 46th District Party as a leader in King County and State Party activities

Requisite Job Skills

Applicants for the position of Project Director should show experience in or ability to successfully perform each of the items listed in the paragraphs above as well as those listed or implied in each of the following paragraphs.

  • Experience in working under supervision to develop work plans that ensure that a project can be completed on schedule with the resources available.
  • Experience in developing a work evaluation plan, with milepost objectives to determine work progress and permit for realistic modifications of project goals as needed.
  • Experience in organizing and directing a wide-ranging research project under collaborative supervision from a Project Advisor.
  • Experience in training, organizing and overseeing volunteers to conduct a complex project, including online data gathering and in-person canvassing.
  • Computer literacy
  • The Project Director must be able to work with others in a manner to build morale and common commitment to the Project’s goals.
  • The Project Director must be able to relate well to people contacted by volunteers, and must be able to build similar manners within the Project’s work crews in order to build positive relations with community contacts.

Project Duration

Half-time with flexible hours, for a period of six months: June 3 through November 30, 2013



Timeline for Hiring Project Director

May 3, 2013Week of May 13Week of May 20

June 3

November 30

Deadline for submitting resume and cover letterInitial InterviewsSecond Interviews and Final Selection

Project Start-Date

Project End-Date

Applicants for Project Director

Submit by May 3, 2013, a resume with a cover letter that describes your experience and skill set, how you are the best fit for the position, and explains how you would begin to tackle the project to:

Jan Ames, Chair
Raymond T. Cole Fund

All applicants will be notified no later than May 10 of the status of their application.