General Meeting – September 17th


Thursday September 17th, 2015 7:30 PM

George Center for Community

2212 NE 125th St
Seattle, WA 98125
Sign in starts at 7:00 PM

Thursday, September 17th will have a program on affordable housing. There is also a race still eligible for endorsement (Northshore School District Position 3) and a member of the district is running to join the executive board. We’ll once again be at the George Center for Community.

Note: There is one more item on the ballot in November that we didn’t hear from earlier. We’ll look to invite speakers in October for the King County charter amendment to establish an office of professional conduct to oversee the sheriff.

September Program: Planned Density and Livability in NE Seattle
Our September meeting features an overview of Seattle’s multifamily upzones in Lake City, Northgate, Roosevelt and the U District urban villages and related HALA and community recommendations for creating and preserving affordable housing. The panel will help us look into the density aspects of the Seattle 2035 Comprehensive Plan and the HALA recommendations more deeply. We will form our own definitions of livability. The September meeting is September 17th, 7:30 at The George Community 2212 NE 125th
St. in Lake City. Chair Phillip Duggan will be the moderator. The reason for scheduling affordable housing is the immediate discussion around the HALA recommendations, with emphasis on Northeast Seattle and its urban villages while decisions are being made by the Seattle City Council.

  • Jessica Brand, the HALA outr each per son, will br ing the Lake City, Nor thgate, Roosevelt and U District Comprehensive Plan Urban Design Framework (UDF) with slides of the
    planned urban village upzones.
  • Mercedes Elizalde who works for Low-Income Housing Institute, was part of HALA
    preservation subcommittee as well as the Community Housing Caucus. She will present the
    HALA recommendations for affordable housing and the community needs.
  • Sandy Motzer is the president of the Lake City Neighbor hood Council which r ecently
    presented a workshop examining the HALA recommendations from the neighborhood perspective, including the community’s suggestions on livability. She will present the community’s thoughts on livability, which wasn’t defined by the HALA.