The current Officers of the 46th District Democrats are as follows:

Position Name Phone
Chair Phillip Duggan 206-973-7237
1st Vice Chair Phillippa Kassover
Secretary  Jesse Piedfort
Treasurer OPEN
State Committeeman John Webber 206-365-0741
State Committeewoman Sarajane Siegfriedt 206-440-5829
KCDCC Male Delegate Larry Smith 206-579-7024
KCDCC Male Alternate OPEN
KCDCC Female Delegate Betsy Walker
KCDCC Female Alternate Elizabeth Hanson
Officer At Large Nigel Herbig
Officer At Large Halei Watkins
Officer At Large Jay Johnson
Officer At Large Alan Zelt
Officer At Large Julie Anne Kempf
Officer At Large David Toledo  206-641-0859
Officer At Large  OPEN